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Content provided by TTA Construction, LLC.

3 Reasons Only Hiring Licensed Contractors for Your Renovation Project or New Build is a Must

Hiring the right contractor for your construction or renovation project is an important decision. By hiring a licensed contractor, you are giving control of your project to a contractor who has been vetted and approved after meeting state-specific requirements. Whether you need general contracting services, construction management or design built, hiring a licensed contractor can help ensure your project runs seamlessly and within budget.

Here are 3 reasons to hire ONLY licensed contractors.

1 – Licensed Contractors Are Qualified

States, counties and cities have rules, regulations and requirements contractors must meet and maintain before the contractor may receive and retain their license. Contractors typically must pass competency tests in order to be approved for a license. Some state licensing boards even allow you to search their website for qualified contractors. The Arkansas Contractors Licensing Board, for example, allows consumers to view contractors licensed in Arkansas

2 – Licensed Contractors Want To Keep Their Customers Happy

Contractors who go through the process and expense of securing licensing do not want to risk losing their license due to incompetence or poor workmanship that could possibly be reported to the local  licensing board.

3 – Hiring A Non-Licensed Contractor Is Risky

Hiring a contractor who is licensed and insured protects the property owner in case there is damage caused during construction or renovation work. If a contractor causes damage to your home or property it will be much easier to process insurance claims if your contractor is licensed and insured. In many instances, a contractor must be licensed before they can legally perform the work they’re hired for.


Hiring a licensed contractor may end up saving you time, money and frustration when completing your construction or renovation project. Before hiring a contractor, do your research to make sure you are hiring the most qualified expert available. 

Content provided by TTA Construction. We are 100% Native American owned construction company, licensed in Oklahoma and Arkansas. If we can help with any of our construction services, please contact us today.

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