Staying Home? Now’s the Time for Home Renovations

There are many reasons to remodel your home, from having a growing family that needs more space, to increasing your home’s value or just updating your surroundings to fit your lifestyle. In many areas of the country, residential construction has shifted from new home construction to home renovations.

Home improvement activity has surged during the COVID pandemic as Americans have been forced to use their home space more often than before.

During the pandemic, a huge portion of the workforce has had to adapt to working from home. Many families have had to cancel vacations and settle for staying at home instead. This means that many people are spending much more time at home.

Here, we take a glance at current home remodel trends. From the kitchen to the bathroom and all points in between, more and more Americans are deciding to renovate their home space.   

More People Are Working from Home

A Gallup poll from September, 2020 revealed that 33% of U.S. workers were working remotely from home and approximately two thirds of remote workers would prefer to continue working from their homes.

This trend has created a demand for customized space for working from home. Across America, spare bedrooms have been converted into office space and new home-office additions have been added on to existing homes.

Consumers appear to be preferring functional spaces that can serve both a work and daily living purpose. Many online retailers such as DécorMatters offer product designs that compliment settings at either a traditional office or at a home-based workspace. 

Creating a Bathroom Paradise

Bathrooms serve 2 functions. First, they’re a place where we go for “private time” so we can take care of biological needs and basic hygiene. Second, they’re a place we go for actual private time where we can have momentary escape from children, spouses, and pets.

In one 2020 survey, 41% of homeowners reported using their home’s bathroom as a place to relax, rest and restore.

Bathroom remodels are great for not only increasing your home’s value but for also adding quality of life to your home, whether you’re resting upon your toilet or inside your bathtub.

Kitchen Upgrades are What’s Cookin’

Kitchen upgrades have been some of the most popular interior home improvements during the pandemic.

Kitchens are a space where families spend time together preparing and sharing meals. Whether you want to add a breakfast bar or increase the size of your kitchen, a kitchen remodel will be something your entire family can enjoy.


When deciding which remodeling projects are ideal for your home, it’s also important to make sure you use the services of the best local home remodeling contractor you can afford.

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Written By Lance Montgomery

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